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free bejeweled online


If you like match three games, then chances are you’ll like bejeweled. Place it’s a repackaging of a few modes already released elsewhere by PopCap. In twist and classic modes. You’ll have one minute to make as many matches as possible to score points. It’s nothing wildly new, but it is a decent combo pack both twist and classic have online components. Giving blitz more longevity, you can play offline or online in a dual mode. Where you compete against one other for the highest score. If you’d rather play with more people. There’s a party mode for up to 16, where you can all jockey for the highest score. Across multiple matches an assortment of online leader boards rounds out.


free bejeweled game - BEJEWELED FREE DOWNLOAD
free bejeweled game

The feature set so you’ll be able to track. Your success against friends and the community in general the graphics are bright shiny and satisfying. Look at the jewels match three game plays is pretty simple. You move around gems on a board and match. Three to destroy them which gets you points. When you match four or more special gems are created. That blow up more of the board replacement gems. Then topple in from the top of the screen. If you’re lucky more matches are made automatically it’s sort of like a semi controllable slot machine. The twist mode changes the basic formula a little bit by giving you a larger cursor that can rotate four gems at a time. Since you can move gems in this mode freely without the need for a guaranteed match.

bejeweled free download Games - BEJEWELED FREE DOWNLOAD
bejeweled free download Games

There’s a lot more freedom to line up more gems pop caps done a good job with the controls in both modes particularly classic. Where you can use the controller’s, face buttons to move up down left and right which speeds up. Play it’s a little disappointing PopCaps didn’t put more new modes in here, but with online leader boards and multiplayer options. There’s more of a reason to keep playing. When you’re done obsessing over your solo high scores. Bejeweled is fast simple fun for more on bejeweled live head over to this article.

Bejeweled 1 download for PC - BEJEWELED FREE DOWNLOAD
Bejeweled 1 download for PC

System Requirements

Memory:256 MB
Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6200
CPU:Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz
Bejeweled Twist File Size:250 MB
OS:Windows XP/Vista

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