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Watch Free Movie Apps for Android

Android is an excellent platform for movies, no matter you use your phone or watch on a 4K smart TV. Since Netflix and Amazon Prime are already famous, there are other free applications with loads of movies. So in this article, we have picked about the best free movie applications for Android. 1. Showbox Showbox is a highly renowned Android ... Read More »

What to write in a cover letter

The reason for a cover letter When composing acover letter, you should: present yourself notice the activity (or sort of occupation) you’re applying for (or searching for) demonstrate that your abilities and experience coordinate the aptitudes and experience expected to carry out the responsibility urge the pursuer to peruse your resume Complete with an invitation to take action (for instance, ... Read More »

How to Promote and Advertise Games on Instagram?

How to Promote and Advertise Games on Instagram?

Not withstanding building a solid Instagram profile and connecting with followers through regular posts, brands can contact groups of onlookers through Instagram promotions. Furthermore, why not? With 800 million dynamic clients monthly, 60 percent of whom are under 30, Instagram is a large stage for interfacing with groups of onlookers and building your image. How to Promote and Advertise Games ... Read More »

Pursue your Interested Course related to Gaming Technology

Pursue your Interested Course related to Gaming Technology

Pursue your Interested Course related to Gaming Technology Why study something that you are not interested in? If you are a gamer and want to spend your whole life in the gaming industry then I suggest you to opt for engineering related the same field. Developing a game needs lots of expertise, and is created through collaboration. So if you ... Read More »

Architectural Designs and Technology

Architectural Designs and Technology

Are Architectural Designs and Architects influenced by Technology? Architecture has come a long way. From freehand sketches to software designs, technology has paved its way for an entirely new era of architectural designs. Sketching designs and imagination still remains as the backbone of creating best designs but in order to present it in the perfect manner in this era, one ... Read More »

PS3 Controller Not Charging Problem – Solved

PS3 Controller Not Charging Problem - Solved

It is a fun hobby to play video games. If you cannot reach them on any technical issues, it is very gruesome. For example, the PS3 controller does not charge. If you play video games on a PlayStation 3 or use a PS3 controller and face problems to get it to function, read this article to its entirety. How to ... Read More »

Digital Parenting Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

digital parenting tips

Are you concerned about the excessivecell phone use of your teenager? Does the continuous online presence of your tween make you worried?You are not the one who is anxiousof the digital behavior of post-millennial kids. The parents of the digital natives have been facing challenging issues regarding parenting of tech savvy kids. The kids of the Generation Z gain access ... Read More »

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