PS3 Controller Not Charging Problem – Solved

PS3 Controller Not Charging Problem - Solved

It is a fun hobby to play video games. If you cannot reach them on any technical issues, it is very gruesome. For example, the PS3 controller does not charge. If you play video games on a PlayStation 3 or use a PS3 controller and face problems to get it to function, read this article to its entirety. How to ... Read More »

Sony PlayStation VR – New Power Rising

Sony PlayStation VR – new power rising

Sony PlayStation VR is powered by PS4 and is the advanced and latest member of the family of PS3– so any PS4 comfort you own, you’re PlayStation VR ready to use; you just have to add a camera of your PlayStation, connect your headset to your PS3 and leave realism behind. Sony PlayStation VR – They new power rising Sony ... Read More »

How to recover folder lock password?

How to recover folder lock password?

Folder Lock is improved encryption software that has no loose ends. However, that doesn’t prevent any human error from happening. In any case, you might just forget your password or even lose it. But that doesn’t mean you are helpless. You can recover your password quickly with less or no effort. Password recovery can be done in multiple ways and ... Read More »

How Was The Roman Calendar Invented


The word CALENDAR originates from the Latin word kalendae or the principal day of the month. It was the day when ministers called the new moon from the Capitoline Hill in Rome. It was additionally the day when indebted individuals needed to pay their obligations engraved in the kalendarium from which comes the word logbook. Date-books were utilized to compose ... Read More »

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale October 2018

amazon great indian festival

The great sale is all set to return later this month alongside deals on smartphones, appliances, and many more! Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale October 2018 This Diwali, no low budget will restrict India’s celebration from 24 to 28 Oct 2018. The festive will be greeted by rousing cheers. So Amazon is bringing loads of exclusive deals on on an ... Read More »

Digital Parenting Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

digital parenting tips

Are you concerned about the excessivecell phone use of your teenager? Does the continuous online presence of your tween make you worried?You are not the one who is anxiousof the digital behavior of post-millennial kids. The parents of the digital natives have been facing challenging issues regarding parenting of tech savvy kids. The kids of the Generation Z gain access ... Read More »

Best online flash player games

Best online flash player games

Online flash player gamesare the collection of the Google sites which you can enjoy at school, college, university, and office without worrying about getting blocked. Today, it has been seen that many people especially the youngsters want to play video games online on different sites specially on There many types of games that are being played online. flash gamesare ... Read More »

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